We at Electro Cheval, have built our credential over time by honoring wholeheartedly the commitments made to our partners. Today, our partners consider us as a hundred percent reliable name. The Electro Cheval equation of reliability springs mainly from the power of three:

People & Product

Electro Cheval team has requisite expertise and experience to deliver nothing but the best to its partners. Every employee of the company is driven by a strong value system that focuses on partner profitability and growth. A highly professional workforce of Electro Cheval with rich experience in IT, sales & marketing and logistics is at beck and call 24X7 to resolve complaints of partners and ensure a smooth run.

Electro Cheval has vast depth in its product line and keeps adding to it the latest, world class technology solutions. Through its strategic know-how and superior market intelligence Electro Cheval makes it a point that the right products hit the market at the right time. Quality of Electro Cheval products is unparalleled and guarantees end user delight. 

Quicker Turnaround

For Electro Cheval time is money. Partner issues are resolved in the shortest possible route to ensure they do not suffer loss or reputational damage. Every complaint, concern or request of the customer is registered carefully and prioritized. Action is taken accordingly to resolve the issue within reasonable turnaround time. A strong system of follow up helps the partner to get a clear picture of the request status.

Addressing Escalation

Escalations are handled with utmost seriousness in Electro Cheval. Each employee is considered accountable therefore chances of escalation get slimmer by default. Your first point of contact will keep no stone unturned to solve your problem. Nevertheless at the unlikely event of an escalation, it is treated as priority one by the organization.  Apart from resolving the issue quickly, a complete investigation is done to find out why the event had to be escalated. Every escalation data is maintained and analyzed to prevent recurrence of escalations in future.