all started with a group of passionate IT professionals with fire in the belly liaising to build one of the finest providers of end to end IT solutions. Head quartered in Singapore; the financial and logistic hub of Asia Pacific, Electro Cheval, is a truly a global brand today with a local reach. The members with more than two decades of experience had noticed some areas of pain among product and service partners of IT companies. Rather than trying to enhance profitability of partners, most of them are only concerned about getting their kitty sold and consider the partners no more than “the next link” in the chain.

What they fail to perceive is that the strength of the chain is actually the strength of each link of the chain. As a result there is always a gap in terms of imparting proper training, compensating loss and catering to the customized requests of vendor partners.

Since day one Electro Cheval has kept its partners interest in the forefront building a never before seen model of perfect synergy. In a giant leap to go global from Asia Pacific market, Electro Cheval has opened door to its partners in a bid to make them ride the growth bandwagon.


Electro Cheval leadership comprises of seasoned IT professionals with decades of experience in the global market and proven track record of being great change agents.
In a highly volatile IT market it becomes imperative to adapt to frequent changes and still keep the innovation engine running. Electro Cheval management drives, motivates and manages its people through thick and thin of the market with a crystal clear vision. Customer is at the helm of affairs in today’s business scenario. Electro Cheval channelizes the collective effort of all its verticals across the globe to delight its internal customers. This invariably leads to better handling of the external clientele ensuring a win-win for everyone.
The top management strives continuously at improving the quality of products and services of Electro Cheval. Through continuous innovation of product & process, reduction of time- to- market quotient and introduction of a robust grievance redressal mechanism, the top management has created a brighter horizon of business within the organization.
Electro Cheval management has placed the company successfully on a path of steady and sustainable growth resulting in more transparent communication, larger brand equity and enhanced partner profitability in the long run.